Mega Byte Bomb has taught Computer Science and Programming to kids in their early teens in various schools in Mississippi, USA. His ultimate wish is to introduce young kids (especially black children) to the complicated, diverse, and interesting world of computer programming. This, he believes, will get their minds off acts that bother on juvenile delinquencies, cyber crime, and hooliganism.

He has helped to create many young computer geniuses and he believes that many others are still out there waiting to be discovered. Because Mega Byte Bomb’s target audience are young kids, he has learnt to tone down his teachings and explanations of computer concepts and theories to the simplest level so as to aid easy assimilation and understanding. Years of teaching kids Computer Science and Programming has built him to become a talented and excellent children tutor with the ability to draw their attention towards learning.

With Mega Byte Bomb, there is no dull moment as learning becomes a fun affair all the way. Adams Bright holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and currently running a Masters degree in Computer Applications.

He makes a weekly routine of visiting orphanage homes with black kids and teaching Computer Science to them in a simplified manner. He also organizes Computer Science tutorials for kids in and around Mississippi once in every three months converting his three bedroom apartment into a classroom.

Adams Bright passion for developing young minds was inspired by his own life; he had being an orphan who had been helped to limelight by generous individuals and charity organizations. He has registered his own charity organization; The Mega Byte Bomb Foundation; founded for the sole purpose of helping young and poor black kids develop into useful and important members of the society.