Aspect Of Programming

More so, if you consider the several kinds of people you encounter on a daily basis, you will discover that while some are from the ghettos, others live comfortably in well to do areas. Even their appearances and accoutrements provide the necessary information to differentiate these people.

Why do you think there are differences in the skin outlook of these people?

The answer is simple.

Some live in a state of squalor and poverty where affording three square meals a day is a difficult and troublesome affair, and their condition reflects on the appearance of their skin.


The other group lives in affluence and wealth and can afford good food, conducive accommodation, food, health facilities, and other niceties of life so they appear better. So while the body is affected by internal and external factors, the soul remain the same, hence it is regarded as a constant.

The human soul can traverse through different bodies till its true motive is achieved. I should assume that after running through this much explanation, the concept should be comprehended already for I know of no better way to simplify it, haha!

Well, this is how far we shall go for now.

There are other scintillating aspects of programming which are quite similar to our daily life but let us append a full-stop here. In furtherance of the goal of sustaining and increasing the zeal in technological advancement, expect more of these kinds of articles from me on this platform