The Best Bluetooth Speakers Available in India 2017

Best Bluetooth Speakers

In the current contemporary market, there are myriad of products available for all the users. The users can purchase any device based on their requirements and price range. If you are seeking for the best Bluetooth Speaker, you have landed in the right place. There are slew of devices from different brands that offer outstanding features and specs for all the users. You can purchase best quality Bluetooth speaker worth for money. Check out the list!

  1. JBL Charge 3


JBL Charge 3 is one of the best Bluetooth speakers that offer the best battery life. It provides a battery life of 20 hours in a day. This wireless Bluetooth speaker ranges for about 30 feet in your surroundings. The latest version of Bluetooth is 3.0. There is an availability of USB charging on this JBL Charge device. It is a water-resistant device having a weight of 1.76 pounds. On this speaker, you can find plethora of excellent features like best sound quality.

  1. UE Megaboom

It is another best Bluetooth speaker available for all the users in the market. The price of this device is little expensive i.e., it is available for a price of $269.99. The developers of this device have made slew of enhancements to this device like bigger size, more sound especially on bass. There is an extended battery life available on this device. This device is water-resistant.

  1. Jam Heavy Metal HX

It is the best Bluetooth speaker available in the market with top-notch features. It offers a battery life for about 8 hours continuously. The device made up of aluminium frame. The price of this device is $62. It offers best features like great sound with best clarity.

  1. Riva S

Riva S is another great Bluetooth Speaker that offers innumerable features for all the consumers. On this device, you can have 7 drivers in order to operate it in the best possible way. This Bluetooth speaker offers a 13 hour battery life. It is also water-proof device. Even if the device drops into water, no damage occurs to the device. The quality of the speakers is quite good particularly the bass sound.

  1. Creative Muvo 2c

Creative Muvo 2c is one of the most popular Bluetooth speakers available in the market. It offers the best sound quality. There are numerous beneficial features available such as an integrated MP3 player. There is a passive radiator that offers oomph. There is a microSD slot for this device alongside MP3 player. Te battery life of this device is pretty disappointing as it offers only 5 to 6 hours.

  1. Harman Infinity One

Harman Infinity One is the best product for the people who are seeking for the best Bluetooth speaker. On this device, you can have the latest version of Bluetooth. There is a USB port for charging other devices. The battery life offered by this device is 10 hours. This Bluetooth speaker offers a wireless connectivity range up to 30 feet.

Here ends the list of best Bluetooth Speakers available in the market.